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"Die Ritter von St. John änderten ihren Namen in Ritter von Malta und sollen dem Vatikan fanatisch treu ergeben sein, und der Papst benutzte sie anscheinend als seine persönlichen Kreuzfahrer und Soldaten. Andere Orden wie die Tempelritter und die Deutschen Ritter waren weitaus unabhängiger und versuchten, wenn überhaupt, ihr Bestes, um die auf Rom ausgerichtete Kirche zu untergraben. Tatsächlich wurde manchmal gesagt, dass die Tempelritter und die Ritter des heiligen Johannes (später bekannt als die Ritter von Malta) ) kämpften manchmal im Kampf gegeneinander. Die Tempelritter wurden geschworen, gegen den Vatikan zu kämpfen, während die Ritter von Malta zur Privatarmee des Papstes wurden. "

"The Knights of St. John changed their name to the Knights of Malta and were said to be fanatically loyal to the Vatican, and the Pope apparently used them as his personal crusaders and soldiers. Other Orders such as the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights were far more independent, and if anything, were trying their best to subvert the church that was centered on Rome. In fact it was sometimes said that the Knights Templar and the Knights of St. John (later to be known as the Knights of Malta) sometimes fought in combat against each other. The Knights Templar were sworn to fight the Vatican while the Knights of Malta became the Pope’s private army."

Die folgenden Zusammenfassungen stammen von Brandon Houser:

"The Knights of Malta (1099 A.D.-Present) controls the worlds most important sea & shipping route. Rooted in the Mediterranean Islands of Malta & Rhodes of Greece as well as the entire world.

Knights Templar (1119 A.D.-1314 A.D.) was rooted in Israel & Cyprus with origins in Frankish France. *my theory is that this group never disbanded, but later settled in Switzerland and founded the super secretive, economic and technologically neutral system that it enjoys to this day, with the Swiss Guard of the Vatican being it's sole military commitment.* Other Templar remnants can be found in Scotland & Portugal. Switzerland's important location also serves as a Northwestern flank to Italy and gateway to West Europe, in the same way the Teutonic Knights serve as the Northeastern flank while Malta does the same for Sicily in the south overlooking North Africa.

Teutonic Knights (1190 A.D.-Present) fought the Northern Crusades & controlled the Baltic Sea. rooted in Germany, Austria & Poland.

Dominican Order, also known as the infamous "Jacobins" (1216 A.D.-Present) responsible for the French Revolution. Rooted in France & the entire world.

Order of Christ (1318 A.D.-Present) direct descendant of the Templars & consisted of many great navigators. Rooted in Portugal.

Order of the Garter (1348 A.D.-Present) it's members have and continue to dominate the Opium Trade through Jardine Matheson & the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank. Also fused with all of Britain and the Commonwealth’s Order's as the "supreme force." flanked internationally by the Order of Canada & the Order of Australia & covertly by South Africa, United State's Pilgrim Society & Knights of Columbus. historically allied with the House of Suad rooted in England.

Order of the Dragon (1408 A.D.-Present) fought the Muslim's in Central, Southern & most importantly, Eastern Europe; thereby repelling the Ottoman Turks. rooted in Germany, Italy & Hungary.

Order of the Golden Fleece (1430 A.D.-Present) rooted in Belgium, Spain & Austria.

Order of the Tower & Sword (1459 A.D.-Present) rooted in Portugal.

Society of Jesus (1534 A.D.-Present) powerful militant enforcement arm that oversees all operations on behalf of the most powerful black nobility members. Jesuits operate in all walks of life and observe while infiltrating all aspects of society. rooted in Vatican City, Italy, Spain & the entire planet. advises all global Archdiocese who in turn advise the global statesmen. (

Order of St. Maurice & Lazarus (1572 A.D.-Present) led by the House of Savoy. Rooted in Italy & France.

Order of the Thistle (1687 A.D.-Present) rooted in Scotland.

Order of the Elephant (1693 A.D.-Present) rooted in Denmark & contains members of international Royalty & leadership.

Order of St. Andrew (1698 A.D.-Present) rooted in Russia.

United Grand Lodge of England (1717 A.D.-Present) the oldest Grand Lodge in the world, although older traces of unofficial Freemasonry can be found in Scotland and allegedly tied to the Knights Templars. this lodge is chiefly responsible for spreading later certified lodges globally.

Freemasonry serves as the binding glue of global order, consisting of the most common man to the highest elite. the craft also serves as a foundation to many societies secret and public. rooted in England & Wales.

Royal Order of Seraphim (1748 A.D.-Present) fused with the Swedish Orders of Sword & Polar Star to form a triple threat. rooted in Sweden.

Order of St. George (1769 A.D.-Present) was dormant from 1917 until its restoration in 1994. Rooted in Russia & Kazakhstan.

Order of Charles III (1771 A.D.-Present) the Highest civil award available for those of benefit to the crown. rooted in Spain.

the Phi Beta Kappa Society (1776 A.D.-Present) the Oldest Greek Letter Fraternity which set the foundation of the North American educated elite. most of the highest ranking black Americans are active in the Boule' branch along with West Indian & African offshoots internationally.

Order of St. Patrick (1783-1974 A.D.) Is said to be dormant. Rooted in Ireland.

Military Order of San Mateo (1814 A.D.-Present) merged with the Order of Boyaca. rooted in Colombia.

Military William Order (1815 A.D.-Present) the oldest & highest honor of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

Order of the Southern Cross (1822 A.D.-Present) Brazil's highest Order of Merit & concentrates power amongst Brazil's white elite.

Order of Leopold (1832 A.D.-Present) the highest order of Belgium & controls the blood riddled Congo Free State's Order of Leopold II.

B'nai B'rith (1843 A.D.-Present) through hofjudan, aka Court Jews such as Rothschild, Warburg etc. the Black Nobility controls the oldest continually operating Jewish Service Organization in the world. rooted in Manhattan, New York City.

Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav. (1847 A.D.-present) rooted in Norway.

Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau (1858 A.D.-Present) rooted in Luxembourg and globally administered by way of the Netherlands.

Propaganda Due, also known as P2 Masonry (1877-1976 A.D., chartered in 1945) Italian Freemasons who specialized in black ops, finance and organized crime/black market advisory. charter withdrawn by the Grand Orient of Italy after numerous public scandals. the founder of Italy's current ruling party & media baron, Silvio Berlusconi, was a member. P2 Masonry was also active in South America.

Knights of Columbus (1882-Present A.D.) rooted in the United States of America & now worldwide. Prescott Bush Jr., George H.W. Bush's older brother, is an ultra secretive & powerful member with major authority in China. Jeb Bush is now an official member.

Opus Dei (1926 A.D.-Present) rooted in Spain & the entire world. Approved by the Powerful Black Nobility Pope Pius XII, who signed the concordat Reichskonkordat with Germany during Hitler's Third Reich.

Von SMOM zu den Illuminaten: Es begann einmal alles mit den TEMPELRITTERN (=Knight Templars) und ihren Gegenspielern, den HOSPITALLIERN (Order of St. John). Nach dem päpstlichen Verbot der TEMPELRITTER im Jahre 1312 wurde das Vermögen der TEMPELRITTER auf Weisung des Papstes an den päpstlichen Militärorden der HOSPITALITER übertragen. Aufgrund der Weigerung Spanien wurde auf der iberischen Halbinsel das Vermögen der TEMPELRITTER an den extra zu diesem Zweck im Jahre 1317 neu gegründeten ORDER OF MONTESA übertragen. Die Tempelritter starben niemals aus sondern fomrierten sich unter anderen Namen neu. 1348 wurde in Großbritannien der Order of the Garter gegründet, ebenfalls ein Kontinuum der Templar. 1534 wurde von Ignatius von Loyola der zum Zwecke der römischen Inquistion der JESUITENORDEN in Frankrich gegründet, der im Jahre 1773 vom Papst Clemens XIV zunächst einmal verboten wurde. Aber 1776 kamen die JESUITEN wieder zurück an die Macht durch die Gründung der Illuminaten. Es war ein Bündnis zwischen dem Aufklärer und Kirchengegner Adam Weishaupt mit dem Bankier Rothschild. Rothschild war gleichzeitig auch der Finanzier des Jesuiten. Das eigentliche Problem ist die Verbindung zwischen Rothschild und den Jesuiten und nicht die Verbindung ziwschen Rothschild und dem Gründer der Illuminaten Adam Weishaupt. Im Zusammenhang mit der Gründung der Illuminaten steht zwar der Name Weishaupt im Vordergrund, aber der eigentliche Strippenzieher in der Folgezeit wurde Rothschild. Rothschild gründete 1913 die FED und wurde zum Inbegriff des Zionismus, denn auf seine Initiative im Jahre 1917 geht die Gründung des Staates Israel im Jahre 1948 zurück. (Balfour-Deklaration) Das Übel im Nahen Osten nahm seinen Lauf. Christliche und jüdische Zionisten dominieren heute sogar den US-Kongress. Aber die meisten Leute erkennen vermutlich nicht einmal den Unterschied zwischen Juden und Zionisten. Niemals vergessen: Im Hintergrund des Vatikans und hinter dem Finanzsystem standen historisch immer die Schwarzadelsfamilien als Strippenzieher. Der Name Medici steht für die Gründung der ersten "internationalen" Bank. Die Namen Borgia und Farnese standen beispielsweise hinter der Gründung der Jesuiten und Gründer Ignatius von Loyola war nur ihre vorgeschobene Marionette. Die Schwarzadelsfamilien stehen auch heute noch hinter dem Holy See (Heiliger Stuhl) . Da der Vatikan natürlich an Jerusalem als Hauptsitz interessiert ist, stehen diese Adelsfamlilien auch hinter den Zionisten. Jerusalem ist der Dreh- und Angelpunkt. "It is through Christianity that Judaism has really conquered the world. Christianity is the masterpiece of Judaism" (Ernest Renan) Der weiterführende Gedanke: Ist derIslam das Schwert des Judaismus und das Christentum der Sklave des Judaismus? Es scheint mir so...

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